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Grace Manor Care Centers Exceed National Averages in Key Areas for June 2024

Grace Manor Care Center has long provided exceptional care and services to their residents, and their latest performance metrics from Pinnacle for June 2024 highlight this commitment. The scores received have surpassed national averages in several critical areas, showcasing their ongoing efforts to ensure a high standard of living and care for all residents.

Nursing: 4.33 – Exceeds National Average

The nursing services at Grace Manor have achieved a remarkable score of 4.33, surpassing the national average. This rating reflects the dedication and skill of the nursing staff, who provide compassionate and comprehensive care tailored to each resident’s needs. Their commitment to excellence ensures that residents receive the highest quality of care and attention.

Cleanliness: 4.5 – Exceeds National Average

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is paramount in any care facility, and Grace Manor has excelled in this area with a score of 4.5. This achievement highlights the rigorous cleaning protocols and the diligence of the housekeeping staff in ensuring a spotless and sanitary environment for all residents.

Response to Problems: 4.33 – Exceeds National Average

Timely and effective responses to any issues or concerns are crucial in providing quality care. Grace Manor’s score of 4.33 in this category demonstrates their commitment to addressing problems swiftly and efficiently. The staff’s proactive approach and excellent problem-solving skills ensure that any issues are resolved promptly, contributing to the overall satisfaction and well-being of the residents.

Activities: 4.67 – Best in Class

Engaging and diverse activities are essential for the mental and physical well-being of residents. Grace Manor has set a benchmark in this area with an outstanding score of 4.67, the best in class. The wide range of activities offered, from recreational to therapeutic, ensures that residents remain active, engaged, and socially connected. This variety enriches their daily lives and fosters a vibrant community atmosphere.

Professional Therapy: 4.50 – Exceeds National Average

Professional therapy services are a cornerstone of quality care in any senior living facility. Grace Manor has excelled with a score of 4.50, well above the national average. The highly qualified therapists at Grace Manor provide personalized therapy programs that cater to the unique needs of each resident, promoting recovery, mobility, and overall health.


Grace Manor Care Centers’ exceptional performance in these key areas underscores their unwavering dedication to providing top-notch care and services. By consistently exceeding national averages, they continue to set the standard for excellence in senior living and care. Residents and their families can have confidence in the high quality of care and the enriching environment that Grace Manor offers.

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